Every human being since Adam has been born outside of the perfect Love of God. Love is what sets our foundation and brings security into our lives. Parental love, especially from a “mother” brings a bonding which establishes well-being. The absence of love creates a deep seated “need” inside of us. Because our human love is limited, all of us have different needs actively working in our lives. Through these inherent weaknesses and the surrounding circumstances of the interplay of other “needy” people, our lives develop with “needs” that become the driving forces of our lives.
There is a direct correlation between the quality of love shown a person and the extent of the dysfunctional “needs” manifested in each life. Typically, the more love a person has been shown, the more secure they are in life. Persons who have not experienced much love can develop overwhelming “needs”. Persons who have been harmed can develop great anger or great fear or both. Persons who have been withheld from can develop a great need for acceptance, or to seek insatiable attention. Even under the best circumstances most of us are motivated by these weaknesses that we bear inside. Anxiety manifests when we feel we are not measuring up to the perceived “needs” that we have.  
These shortfalls inside of us dominate our view of life. Some of the greatest achievements of human kind were not accomplished by a pure and noble motive but by the “need” that was present to perform, achieve, gain acceptance or the like. Children have pursued excellence only to gain the approval of a parent or a peer. The “need” to prove oneself dominates the person rather than the pleasure of the pursuit or the search of a noble cause.
In the fall of Adam and Eve we see the result of the sin that separated them from the Love of God. They immediately considered their own imperfections and they hid. Fear had come. With the fear came a “need” to justify themselves and so, blame came. Adam blamed Eve to justify himself. Eve blamed the snake. This passed on through their DNA to the next generation and extreme anger was borne.  Cain had a “need” to prove that he could measure up to the standard of God. This “need” drove him to perform. He pursued justification and acceptance through pride. God had no other choice but to disapprove of his offering. Cain had a need to show himself strong, successful, and accomplished.  He worked diligently at it. His self-directed offering was not received. Abel brought the sacrifice that he had learned from his parents. In the Garden, God had taught them that the only cure for sin, the only payment that could be made to satisfy justice was innocent blood. This failure to find fulfillment and Abel’s ability to please the Lord, infuriated Cain. Although God had rejected Cain’s dysfunctional and erroneous actions, God did not reject Cain but tried to counsel him to a course of Salvation. But, violent rage, and jealousy found a place in Cain and resulted in the first murder.
When you understand your “needs”, you can understand your self. Then you can find the cure. Jesus Christ manifested in love is the cure. Believing in this love, consummates our Salvation. It is not of our own works, lest any man should boast. It is the love gift of God which saves and completes us. When we know our nakedness and come to an understanding to acknowledge it, confess it, and repent, we can find the cure. Our nakedness can be covered by the sacrifice of Christ on the cross and we are perfectly clothed by His blood. We pursue the Love of God and He graciously gives it out to us.
Scripture says, “The Lord is my Shepherd, I have no need.” I know He loves me and so I don’t “need” anything else. When I experience His love, even if you think I am a failure, it is of no significance to me. I become secure in life in the Love of God.  Amen