SS 5:2-10 (paraphrased)
I was busy  but the Lord was knocking on my heart to turn aside and have fellowship with Him. But I said, it’s a most inconvenient time and it will put me out to turn aside now, I’m so busy. We’ll talk later….so, later I called to Him, but I couldn’t hear Him like before when He called me. It was like He was gone right now…..
We are the children of God. He is our Maker and our Father. Children ought to respect and respond to their Father, not the other way around. Likewise, we ought to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and realize He wants to bless us, guide us, teach us, warn us, and love us….but on His terms, not ours. It’s only right, right?
When God made us in the garden, it was not to control us, but to love us and give us an independent life. In that life, God also wanted to spend time with us, fellowship with us, be a real Father to us. That was lost by sin, gained back by Christ, and is available now and still the Father’s desire.
In the independence, many fail to find that place of Family with God. To have that relationship available to us, we must learn to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit….not the other way around.
May we change. May we walk softly with a prayer, knowing that as Father, He knows best and has our best interests in His mind. Real life as Jesus said, I have come that you may have life and have it more abundantly. Be sensitive to the Holy Spirit today and listen for His call and be ready to turn aside and not answer earth’s phone when Heaven’s phone is ringing.
Loving you today