Dear Friends 

As I sit here, I cannot help but give God much thanks. We had prayed much and many of you had prayed as well and several friends from other nations as well….Uganda, India, Nepal, Argentina, Costa Rica, Colombia, Mexico, Honduras, USA, …And God heard our prayer by His great mercy. You know His mercy is awesome and His grace, magnificent.  We praise Him and thank Him and celebrate Him. Even in trying times, we search ourselves, repent, and look to the Lord to work His work inside of us. A work to produce a vessel more pleasing to God. That is the goal of all goals….to please the Lord. Praise the Lord for the Potters House and the wonders of overcoming our nature and our past and be made over another vessel…..


I believe and I am declaring a season of Uprooting. Uprooting all that the enemy has planted unawares. According to the Scripture, we can decree a thing and it will stand for us……That if we believe we can have what we say…..and our mouths contain the power of life and death……So, declare with me- Uproot the plantings of the enemy Lord. We declare the uprooting. Now. Let it be so Lord…A season of spiritual growth and taking new ground.


Pray saints. Not just the hour of prayer which we need but steal moments through the day and pray those short prayers as well. Let’s pray together and for one another and believe for the change.


Also, on my mind is giving. Not that I want anyone hurt in this area or to put pressure on anyone. But I feel the Lord talking to me about giving. Look in the Word, Look to the Lord in this matter. And see. And give.


And one more thing, with the new ground being claimed in our overall health, let’s consider proper physical maintenance of our bodies… right, exercise, rest, and sleep well……study nutrition and take care of your house. It’s goes hand in hand with believing for divine health.


Loving you


Pastor Dan