Good Day LCC,
Rod Parsley wrote a book, “No More Crumbs”. I didn’t read the book but I am confident that it is a really good book. But God brought that tittle to my mind this morning as I am praying. There is a message in the tittle. You know there is a gift called the Word of Wisdom and it is real and powerful. Jesus used that gift much and it has been given to us. Seek for it and Claim it saints as God wants us to use what He has given us.
Anyways, there is a great message in the title…..No More Crumbs.
Two great points on my mind in this respect…..No More Crumbs…..
Life has told many of us what we can expect in life. Much of this life has been infiltrated by the enemy. Remember the Word: But while men slept, the enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat and went his way. Matthew 13:25
The enemy through circumstances, abuse, people who should have helped us and loved us, but didn’t, generational genetics, and the like, has planted “tares” in our souls….”tares” of control, confinement, low self esteem. Like a captured elephant on a chain, we have been attacked and by the power of the chain have allowed our thoughts and opinion of ourselves to control us….ITS SO WRONG. God wants you free from that. Its not any earthly opinion, even of parents or family, that shapes you, it is Gods opinion. And that is recorded in His Word. You are special, precious, powerful, potential, unusual, possible, unique, loved, alive, given opportunity, confined by the expanse of nothing, limited only by the limitations of a all Powerful, Almighty God. LCC = No Limits.
Remember the sin of Israel. They limited the Holy One of Israel. There are no limits. This is not fantasy. This is reality. Rock Solid down to earth reality. There are no limits on you. Don’t be confined. Don’t believe the lies and live in poverty of soul. You are special. You are real. You are a child of a KING.
Don’t accept the crumbs.
Because some have accepted the sentence of the ruler of this world, you have then lowered your standard and lived in the shabby, dusty, dirty back alleys of life. You have allowed yourself to live in a lower place that was not made for you. You have taken off your royal robe and put on a worldly outfit. You have accepted the crumbs and so you figure that might as well live among the crumbs and have some crumb life on the side. It is not expected of you anyway, you are the ugly duckling. But you haven’t realised that you were not made to walk on the dirty side road, but you were make to sore with the eagles.
So stop. Stop now and realise. Stop now and pray. Stop and now and praise. Stop now and look up to the sky. Your home, your thought, you, are from above and temporarily traveling earth. But back to the above you will go if you believe. Believe. Not in your strength. But in His strength. You are from above, not below. No more crumbs. NO more crumbs. Put that steak on my plate. Put some mushrooms on the steak please. And cook like I like it. Its mine. A good salad too. And some fine veggies. After all I am healthy and want to eat that way. Bring me the crystal for my drink. Set my silverware neatly and don’t forget my napkin. Set my place by the window as i like to look out on the water.
More later….
Loving you