Luke 8: 27-29
27 As Jesus stepped ashore, a certain man from the town met him who was possessed by demons. For a long time this man had worn no clothes and had not lived in a house, but among the tombs.
28 When he saw Jesus, he cried out, fell down before him, and shouted with a loud voice, “Leave me alone, Jesus, Son of the Most High God! I beg you, do not torment me!”
29 For Jesus had started commanding the evil spirit to come out of the man.
Many times we think that if a prayer isn’t answered immediately then there is a problem with us and our faith. I have read the above example in many versions and it would seem from the verb tense, that the act of prayer on the part of Jesus was on going and continuous until the deliverance was achieved. And we know that Jesus is the example of how to live the Spirit life perfectly pleasing the Father. 
So, if you are in a battle and have been praying and haven’t seen the answer yet. Don’t waiver. Don’t doubt. Don’t quit praying. Be determined. Be relentless. And when any question tries to arise, know it is a good time to turn up the heat of the prayer. The answer is on the way. 
If Jesus is in you then you are a Winner and you will prevail, because Jesus is the Winner Man.
Loving you
Pastor Dan