Appropriation; to appropriate, to get a hold of something for yourself, to assimilate, to commandeer, to obtain, to get something, to procure, procurement, to take something, to seize something, to confiscate, to pursue to possess….
Real Spiritual Life is all about Appropriation….The Gospel is the Good News given to all men….But Salvation is not automatic…..It must be appropriated… appropriate it is our Salvation. In order to receive the goodness of God to be saved and to be granted access to Heaven, we must fulfill the requirements. 
For an eligible young man there may be a godly woman for him in this world. But getting her to say yes to marriage is not automatic. To pursue her with bad breath, body order, and unclean clothes would probably ensure she will avoid you. There are recommended standards for pursuing a spouse and keeping one as well. 
Life, blessing, Heaven, Salvation have been offered to us. Promises of Health, Prosperity, and Joy in Heaven, have been given to us. They are real and true. These promises are available to all. There is no favouritism. None of us in the eyes of God has been branded, ” not as good as others”…. All of these promises have been declared to all of us through the Gospel. They are available to us. They are real and true…..But, they must be appropriated, obtained, gotten a hold of, if you want them working in your life. 
Mankind was lost in sin for “all have sinned”. God sent Jesus to remove our sin and restore us to the Family of God. Jesus came unto His own, but His own received Him not, but as many as received Him, even to those who believe on His name, to them He gave the ability to become sons and daughters of the Living God. 
Appropriation is a key word for today. Promises are real. They are available. May we have understanding to pursue them to possess them so that we can appropriate all that God has for us. That’s why we pray. That’s why we come to church. That’s why we fellowship. To get ahold of God… appropriate healing, deliverance, salvation, blessings, supply……Go for it.
Loving you