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January 11, 2015. About our Children, Part 2


We need to pursue an anointing like Daniel and Joseph who had secular positions but never violated their testimony and faithfulness to God. They always honoured God first but were well liked by the secular world and even well favoured. They brought great spiritual benefit to their world and kept a great testimony with the […]

January 10, 2015 – About Our Children, Part 1


As I read about the Moravian Revival I am struck with the fact that the children were actively involved. One of our jobs as parents and the total parental support staff (family, siblings, friends, ministry leaders, teachers, etc)  is to love, train, guard, and encourage our children. Inherent in that is a relationship of communication […]

January 7, 2015


Hi LCC It is a good day for Psalm 138   1By David. I will give you thanks with all my heart;  before the heavenly assembly I will sing praises to you. 2I will bow down toward your holy temple,  and give thanks to your name,  because of your loyal love and faithfulness,  for you have […]